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Protein Purification Introduction

Functional biology centralizes proteins, which are also downstream targets of molecular biology and gene engineering. Needs of purified and extracted proteins have reasons to emerge, especially in phamaceutical industries. Decades have been taken by scientists to improve technologies of protein purification in order to study conformations, substrate specificities, reactions with other ligands, and specific activities of different proteins. Here we make a brief summarization of prevalent techniques of protein purification and extraction.





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There are analytical and preparative methods in protein purification. The distinction is not exact, but the deciding factor is the amount of protein that can practically be purified with that method. Analytical methods aim to detect and identify a protein in a mixture, whereas preparative methods aim to produce large quantities of the protein for other purposes, such as structural biology or industrial use. In general, the preparative methods can be used in analytical applications, but not the other way around.

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